French claim 600k for wolf losses

4 January 2001

French claim 600k for wolf losses

By FWi staff

FRENCH farmers have claimed 600,000 from the EU in compensation for losses of sheep to wolves in the Alps , reports The Daily Telegraph.

They reckon to have lost 5000 sheep to wolves since the compensation scheme was introduced seven years ago.

Only about 30 French wolves live in the region, and it is thought that about 20 Italian wolves must have joined the hunt.

From 36 sheep killed in 1993, farmers claimed 796 killed in 1996.

Professor Henry Buller, of Cheltenham and Gloucester College, said he thought wild dogs had taken many of the sheep.

Prof Buller said wolf populations had expanded naturally and there was no evidence to support claims that they were being clandestinely reintroduced,

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