French lift loader standard

31 October 1997

French lift loader standard

By Peter Hill

INCREASED performance and improved operation come with the latest tractor loaders from French manufacturer Mailleux.

The MX range has all-new jibs, improved hydraulic and electrical quick-couplers, and tidier hydraulic pipework. Full-height lift performance is improved and switching between single- and double-acting operation made easier.

There are five models in the latest MX range, due to go on sale in the UK early next year, one more than before thanks to the MX150/ MX155 heavy-lift version for tractors from 130 to 230hp. Payload capacity (at ground level with pallet forks) is up to 2.65t and it will take 2.4t to 4.25m (14ft).

Other models in the range have more lift capacity and height than their predecessors while retaining forward reach, secure mounting and quick attach/detach.

Among developments is a mini quick-coupler for attachment hydraulics and a more visible loader latch design. A simpler arm-mounted ram configuration is used for implement crowd/dump.

All models also feature an improved version of Mailleuxs PCH hydraulic self-levelling system, which not only keeps pallets level and prevents buckets from spilling their load, but also gives loaders a boost in lift capacity. The weight of any implement and its load pulling on the crowd/dump rams pressurises the level-lift cylinders which, as a result, contribute to the lifting effort.

Without parallel lift control, the MX100 loader for 80-100hp tractors will lift a 1610kg pallet load at ground level and 1380kg at full-height. With PCH, these figures increase to 2060kg and 1950kg.

The new system, plus changes to the loaders arm pivot geometry, enable the latest MX models to lift between 90 and 95% of maximum lift to full-height compared with an industry standard nearer 75-80%.

Hydraulic parallel lift is a little more expensive than the mechanical systems favoured by other firms, concedes Mailleux export manager, Henri Langlais. But mechanical designs are heavier, he argues, have more wearing parts and impinge on visibility across the loader arms.

Propilot is Mailleuxs latest single-lever cable control. Apart from combining several functions in one unit, it enables loaders to be operated in both single- and double-acting modes.

Double-acting lift ram operation is often required so that downward pressure can be applied for digging and similar tasks, notes Mike Johnson of Staffs-based Mailleux importer, Chillton Agricultural. But lowering speed is impaired and implements cannot be positioned so quickly because pump capacity has to be shared. Nor is it practical to switch between the two modes using the tractor selector. "With Propilot, all the operator has to do to switch to double-acting mode is push the control lever beyond the normal lower position," he says. That means the loader can be brought down in single-acting mode, with oil dumped and full pump capacity available to reposition the implement, then instantly switched to double-acting operation if required. &#42

Mailleux MX tractor loaders



Tractor power45-70hp 60-80hp 75-100hp95-150hp130-230hp

Max height*3.4m3.5m3.65m3.85m4.25m

With or without PCH para lift-PCH +PCH-PCH +PCH-PCH +PCH-PCH +PCH-PCH +PCH

Payload – ground level (kg)**1120 14751360 17401610 20601800 24002050 2650

Payload – full height (kg) **800 1150970 14601380 19501470 22001700 2400

Bucket dump/crowd angles50/43í50/45í50/45í50/45í43/46í

*Beneath level bucket; **measured 60cm out on pallet forks, without and with PCH parallel lift-assist system.

Parallel lift versions of Mailleuxs tractor loaders can now take more of their maximum payload capacity to full height.

Latest Mach System coupling is easier to fit – and there is a baby version for implement third-service connections. Note PCH parallel lift/load assist ram between jib and main lift cylinder.

Propilot single-lever control gives quick switching between single- and double-acting modes for faster cycles. Buttons select third-service hydraulics and operate tractor gearbox shuttle if required.

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