Fresh Start and Share to Farm: creating opportunities from change

Farming is in transition. The long-term future of the industry is dependent on attracting new entrants with new ideas and skills.

This supplement outlines some of the potential opportunities and highlights issues which are central to agriculture maintaining a successful flow of quality entrants – vital if farming is to remain a sustainable industry in the years ahead.

We profile two prominent farming initiatives; the EFFP “Share to Farm” initiative, which aims to help farmers realise the importance and practicality of working together to achieve shared goals, and the DEFRA inspired Fresh Start initiative, which they launched in 2004 as part of their Sustainable Farming and Food Strategy.

Share to Farm offers practical advice and expertise for those who want to take the next steps to develop collaboration in their business, while Fresh Start aims to produce the next generation of farmers and rural entrepreneurs, by providing skills, training, and links to business opportunities; linking with industry supporters such as the NFU, CLA and LANTRA.

This guide profiles how collaboration can guide and benefit each industry sector, from machinery syndicates to a Farm Business Tenancy. It also advises on the best method of farming succession; to allow the older generation to stand aside and promote the younger generation without losing their important role in the countryside.


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