Front linkages boost tractor options

24 August 2001

Front linkages boost tractor options

A new range of tractor front linkages has been introduced by Chillton Agricultural Equipment, distributors of the Mailleux MX range of tractor loaders.

Replacing the companys LB series, the four-strong MX linkage range offers lift capacities from 1.9t to 5.3t.

The P19 employs a single, centrally mounted double acting lift ram and is designed for light loads on smaller tractors. Specification includes Cat 11 linkage ends, fixed and float implement positioning, and use of a tractor subframe.

The larger R28, R38 and R53 models all employ twin, double acting lift rams. When not in use the rams fold vertically and can be locked both mechanically and hydraulically to prevent any accidental attempts to use them.

If specified, a shock absorbing system is available which is designed to reduce bounce and potential implement damage when operating at high speeds.

A reverse-action gas accumulator can also be fitted which, when pressurised, helps to maintain a constant downward pressure when working with implements such as presses for seed-bed preparation.

MX front linkages are said to be suitable for fitting to almost all makes and models of tractors without modification. The 1.9t capacity P19 starts at £1300. &#42

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