Front-mount hedge cutter chops aches

1 March 2002

Front-mount hedge cutter chops aches

NECK ache-free hedge cutting is McConnels claim for its latest front-mounted PA52 model.

Although McConnel says flailhead visibility is much better than for a rear-mounted unit, there may be those who would suggest forward vision could be impaired when the arms are folded for transport. Maximum reach of the hedge cutter is 5.2m.

The PA52 features a mounting system with a Super Float spring-assisted top link designed to allow smoother travelling, says the firm.

To prevent the flailhead from bouncing during transport, a storage bracket is fitted to the front of the machines mainframe.

Available in 1.2m and 1.5m working widths, the Super and Multicut flailheads are powered by a high power direct drive motor.

Housed under the rear panel, the PA52 can be specified with a Semi Independent (single pump) or a Totally Independent (twin pump) hydraulic system.

Machine control options include cable, electric switchbox, mono lever or McConnels digital armrest proportional control system.

The PA52 can also be equipped with McConnels Easy Drive System (EDS), a device designed to enable the flail head to float over ground contours. Price of the PA52 is £12,745. &#42

Latest addition to McConnels hedge cutter range is the front-mounted PA52.

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