Front-mounted straw chopper chops shorter

2 March 2001

Front-mounted straw chopper chops shorter

FRENCH distributor Samka now markets a flail straw chopper which can be mounted in front of pick-ups on large square balers to achieve a shorter chop length.

Shorter straw enables bales to be packed with 20% more material, claims Samka.

Designed to fit most large square balers, the BB20 straw cutter is attached to a frame positioned in front of the pick-up and takes its drive from the pto powering the baler. Both 540 and 1000rpm pto speeds can be accommodated to achieve a flail rotor speed of 2200rpm.

Chopped straw is deposited onto the pick-up by the draught created by the flail rotor, avoiding any problems a pick-up may have in retrieving chopped straw from the ground.

Requiring 60hp to operate, the flail rotor is equipped with straight or angled knives which can be reversed to achieve a longer operating life. &#42

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