Fruit growers get fungicide guide

By FWi staff

APPLE and pear growers are to be given new guidelines aimed at providing the latest information on major fungicide resistance problems affecting disease control in the orchard and in storage.

The new guidelines, Fungicide resistance in apple and pear pathogens, has been produced by Fungicide Resistance Action Group – UK (FRAG-UK), with funding from MAFF and ADAS.

The new guidelines deal with all of the major diseases of apples and pears and gives up-to-date information on the resistance in pathogens affecting the growing crop and those causing rots in stored fruit, says Tom Locke, who has led the group of scientists producing the leaflet.

Growers have a useful range of fungicides at their disposal and should make full use of them to minimise the risk of resistance affecting production, adds Dr Locke.

According to FRAG-UK a number of fruit rotting fungi have developed fungicide resistant strains in recent years and apple scab control can be affected where growers rely too heavily on one type of fungicide.

The new guidelines deal with each resistance problem separately and also cover those diseases where resistance does not yet play a role.

A table of fungicides, listed by resistance group and itemising the disease they control, gives growers the latest information on the available products.

Fungicide resistance in apples and pear pathogens has been distributed widely throughout the agrochemical industry and will shortly be distributed in England and Wales by the Apple and Pear Research Council to its levy paying members.

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