1 May 1998


TAXPAYERS and not industry should fund the Food Standards Agency in a bid to reassure the public of the forthcoming agencys independence, according to an all-party committee of MPs.

The onus was on government to ensure the agency was properly financed, well managed and effectively led, according to the House of Commons agriculture select committee report.

Commenting on the report findings, committee member MP Diana Organ, said it was not fair to burden the food industry with the additional cost of funding the FSA, which could reduce industry competitiveness.

As well as calling for a ban on the use of antibiotic growth promoters on farm the committee also claimed that public confidence in food safety would be enhanced if pesticide and veterinary medicine monitoring were carried out by the FSA rather than staying under the control of Pesticides Safety Directorate and the Veterinary Medicines Directorate of MAFF.

The committee report also suggested that poorly balanced diets caused far greater damage to human health than food poising.

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