Fund targets proud farmers

10 October 2001

Fund targets ‘proud’ farmers

By FWi staff

ORGANISERS of an appeal fund which raised 750,000 to help farmers hit by foot-and-mouth say many farmers are “too proud” to ask for help.

The Yorkshire Dales Recovery Appeal is urging farmers unable to meet winter-feed bills – which could be as high as 30,000 – to apply for help.

So far, fund-holders have paid out only 60,000. Acting director Brian Fisher said he was anxious to pay out more – if only farmers would ask.

Dr Fisher said some farmers appeared unwilling to approach the charity. So he is offering them the option of taking the money as an interest-free loan.

“Weve been very successful in raising money, but we are now having difficulty persuading people to apply for grants,” he said.

“We suspect its because they are too proud to ask for charity.

“If this is the case, we are quite happy for them to look upon any money we offer as an interest-free loan which they can pay back when times improve.”

Dr Fisher said farmers in the Dales were facing a double crisis, being unable to market livestock and faced with having to buy extra winter feed.

John Henderson, a member of the appeal committee, who farms at Coniston Cold, near Skipton, said many producers faced massive bills.

“Some farmers are facing bills of between 10,000-30,000 at a time when they have received no income,” he said.

“It is a terrible predicament to be in, and we are urging anyone who needs help to come forward and ask for it.”

  • Applicants should contact the Dales Recovery Appeal at 76 Main Street, Addingham, near Ilkley LS29 0PD. Tel: 01943 831660


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