Fur farm ban worries Scandinavians

13 May 1999

Fur farm ban worries Scandinavians

MINK farms in Denmark and Finland are threatening to take legal action if British goes ahead with proposals to ban fur farming in the UK.

Britain intends to ban its 13 remaining fur farms if a bill, which is currently in the legislative process, becomes law.

But the legislation is causing consternation in several of the fur farming countries in Europe, including Denmark, Finland, Holland and Sweden.

Finnish agriculture minister Kalevi Hemili has contacted British agriculture minister Nick Brown, expressing concern about the possible ban.

Knud Vest, vice-chairman of the European Fur Breeders Association, said his organisation would launch a legal action in the European Court.

The Danish Fur Breeders Association, which represents 3000 fur farmers, has commissioned a study indicating a ban would be illegal under European law.

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