FWAG survey kicks off

27 February 1998

FWAG survey kicks off

A SURVEY of thousands of hectares of Suffolk farmland is getting under way to see where wildlife can be encouraged and the landscape enhanced.

This spring the first batch of 130 farms owned by Suffolk County Council will be visited by FWAG to record important wildlife habitats, identify where new woods and hedges should be planted, and map historic features.

The Suffolk County Farm Envir-onmental Survey is a four-year project involving the council, FWAG and Bury St Edmunds-based Bayer. In the first year 15 farms in Bardwell, Barking, Hadleigh, Claydon, Willisham and Copdock will be visited. FWAG will recommend how tenants can continue to farm profitably, whilst introducing conservation ideas with long-term benefits.

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