Gamekeeper chronicled wildlife killing sprees

14 July 1998

Gamekeeper ‘chronicled wildlife killing sprees’

HIGH WYCOMBE magistrates court, in Buckinghamshire, heard how a gamekeeper allegedly killed 127 badgers and kept a book detailing their deaths as well as the shooting of domestic animals and protected birds of prey.

Leslie Morris, who was working for the Bradenham Hill Shooting Syndicate, denies four counts of killing a badger and one charge of killing an unknown number of badgers, a sparrowhawk and buzzard, on land owned by Sir Francis Dashwood, in West Wycombe.

The 28-year-old also denies interfering with a badgers sett, setting a trap for foxes and firearms charges. The hearing continues.

Meanwhile, Roger Bale, conservative MP for Thanet North, presented a 50,000-signature petition calling for a ban on snares before Parliament yesterday.

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