German aspirators can handle up to 60t/hour

30 November 2001

This Springland MFG auger system from Rekord is designed to achieve high capacity under-floor grain unloading in silos of up to 14m in diameter.In operation, remaining grain in the bin is emptied through a centre and intermediate sumps which free up the unloading auger to remove the final remnants.Price for a system to fit a 7.2m diameter silo is from £2409 without motors.

German aspirators can handle up to 60t/hour

WILTS-based TH White Installation now distributes a range of grain aspirators, pre-cleaners and graders from German manufacturer Schmidt Ag.

The TAS 152A-2 Twin Aspiration Cleaner is designed to handle wheat, maize, OSR and barley and promises throughputs of up to 60t/hour, says the company.

Cleaning and grading is achieved by a preliminary and main screen with a total area of 12sq m in four separation stages. These include a first grade for cleaned materials, second grade for small grains, a tailings separation for small grains, and air sifting to remove light particles.

Suitable for cleaning malting barley, the machine can be supplied with screen bed controls that allow different crops to be cleaned without the need to change screens. The TAS 152A-2 Twin Aspiration Cleaner weighs in at 4.5t and requires an 8Kw power supply. List price for the machine is £18,900. &#42

The Twin Aspiration Cleaner from TH White is designed to clean up to 60t/hour of grain.

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