27 February 1998


Misinformation causes the downfall of many successful businesses. By failing to consider costs, output, threats and opportunities otherwise efficient companies go to the wall day in, day out.

So it is in arable farming. Staying afloat as the tide turns from profit to potential loss will be no mean feat. Arable farmers the length and breadth of the land will need all their wits about them to stay in business.

For many the natural response is to squeeze inputs, hammer overheads and focus on growing better crops. That is essential. But rethinking the entire business strategy is vital, too.

For that process to succeed information is needed – and good information at that. On the following pages we relay some of the latest independent, impartial thinking on crop husbandry and business management. It is a mere taster of what is available. Gathering still more will be essential to ensure the right decisions are made for both this year and the future.

Agronomic advice is widely available. Balancing comments from several sources could pay dividends this season. With input costs under extreme pressure reps, in particular, will be keener than ever to talk. Pump them for all their worth.

Meanwhile, management advice is increasingly well tailored to the needs of arable farmers. You can now get help to improve your farm business management without losing control. The winners of tomorrow will be those that take all the advice they can today.

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