Getting all lit-up for Jubilee

14 June 2002

Getting all lit-up for Jubilee

Farm Womens Club

national co-ordinator

Jean Howells has been

enjoying the great outdoors,

as she travels across the

country to visit two Clubs

WHAT a superb place to be for the Golden Jubilee celebrations – on top of Windmill Hill on Geoff and Jane Ridgways Farm in the North Cotswolds.

The outline of the floral crown in marigolds so carefully nurtured by FWC members could already be seen – just a week or so ahead of its spectacular best!

I lost count of the number of people climbing the hill or getting carried by tractor and trailer from the makeshift car park to witness the lighting of the beacon.

Just before it got dark an English oak tree was planted to commemorate the occasion and the windmill itself was turned into a bar for celebratory drinks. The children had a whale of a time rolling down the hill and playing tag.

At nightfall, Rev David Knight, vicar of Tysoe, said a prayer for Her Majesty the Queen and the chairman of the parish council, Mark Sewell, told us that 25 years ago he was a young subaltern in the Grenadier Guards colour party outside Buckingham Palace and how it was a privilege for him to be overlooking the village he loves on this auspicious occasion.

A bell rang, the beacon was lit and we could see fireworks across five counties. The taste of the delicious sausages cooked by retired village butcher Les Carter ably assisted by his wife and sister was out of this world.

I am sure all present would join me in admiration for the organisation of such a good evening and hope that the money raised for RABI from a raffle exceeds all expectations.

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