Gift voucher for label error

6 July 2001

Gift voucher for label error

ONE of Britains big five supermarkets sent £15 in gift vouchers to a farmers daughter who complained about Brazilian beef which was labelled British.

Anne Price bought a slice of sirloin in a pack carrying a union flag and British Farm Standard tractor logo from the Asda supermarket in Swansea. The pack also bore a South American label.

"I had no intention of buying meat but after seeing imported beef labelled British I bought a pack as evidence," said Mrs Price. "I think it is disgusting that a UK supermarket chain can stock so much foreign meat when our livestock farmers are having difficulty."

She complained to a counter assistant and was told that the store had difficulty obtaining home-produced meat because of foot-and-mouth. Mrs Price later wrote to Asdas Leeds headquarters claiming it was insensitive to stock imported meat in the middle of a farming crisis.

Thomas Kelly from Asdas customer relations department wrote back saying the mislabelling was a human error, and there was no intention to deceive. He wrote: "All colleagues at the store have been spoken to and re-briefed on the importance of labelling the correct product with the country of origin."

Mr Kelly added: "The South American beef came from Brazil. By way of apology for letting you down, please accept the enclosed gift vouchers, which I hope you will enjoy spending on future visits to our store." &#42

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