Gill calls for global virus effort

30 November 2001

Gill calls for global virus effort

By FWi staff

FARMERS leader Ben Gill has said that future strategies for dealing with foot-and-mouth disease must be developed in line with the rest of the world.

Mr Gill, president of the National Farmers Union, has made a written submission to the Royal Society inquiry into infectious diseases.

Shortcomings in the handling of the crisis must be addressed and a strategy considered in the context of the European Union and ultimately the world.

“Animal diseases are no respecters of borders and, with the world a more open place than ever before, we need to work collectively.”

In a written submission to the inquiry, Mr Gill repeated his call for more investment in research into the diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases.

There must be more investment in research into animal diseases to find new and better diagnostic and epidemiological methods.

The written submission highlights an inadequate contingency plan and ineffective controls against illegal imports as problem areas.

It says uncertainties must be ironed out if the UK is to avoid a repeat of the disaster, or indeed any other infectious animal disease.

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