Gill hits back at logo critics

16 January 2001

Gill hits back at logo critics

By FWi staff

NATIONAL Farmers Union president Ben Gill has hit out at a “negative portrayal” of the British Farm Standard logo.

A survey for the BBC1 Countryfile found that three in four consumers interviewed had no idea what the little red tractor logo stood for.

But the NFU says the results indicate that 15 million people do recognise the logo – a fine achievement within the seven months of its launch.

And it points out that this has been achieved on a promotional budget of less than 1 million, compared to tens of millions in the commercial sector.

Mr Gill said he was “astounded” at the negative portrayal and claimed that any major commercial company would be “delighted” with the level of recognition.

He claimed that results were skewed because the survey included Scotland and Wales where there has been no or only limited promotion of the logo.

“To achieve such a high level of recognition so early in the life of the new mark is nothing other than a major achievement,” he insisted.

Meanwhile, the NFU is urging farmers to get on the “tractor trail” and visit supermarkets and shops to see how the logo is faring across the country.

Volunteers will be asked to fill out a form with details on which types of fresh
meat and produce are sporting the little red tractor.

The survey also hopes to get information on how much frozen and processed food features the mark, and how well it is being promoted.

The logo is being used on over 500 product lines in 5000 stores across the country.

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