GM scientist could move abroad

21 June 1999

GM scientist could move abroad

By FWi staff

THE scientist who sparked the debate over genetically modified (GM) crops is considering moving abroad to continue his work, claims a tabloid newspaper.

Dr Arpad Pusztai may have to relocate overseas to resume his research into whether GM crops endanger human health, according to The Express today (Monday).

Dr Pusztai has been offered work in an unnamed British institute, but is also considering offers in Germany, Sweden and Spain, says the papers internet site.

The paper claims the Hungarian-born scientist wants to carry out tests on GM maize found to kill caterpillars of Monarch butterflies.

Dr Pusztai was suspended last year by the Aberdeen-based Rowett Research Institute after he claimed rats suffered ill effects from eating GM food.

A number of international scientists later backed Dr Pustai but an inquiry by the Royal Society said that his conclusions were scientifically unfounded.

“The research is necessary because this technology has been introduced by stealth,” Dr Pusztai is quoted as saying.

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