GM soya on boarded ship confirmed

25 February 2000

GM soya on boarded ship — confirmed

By FWi staff

AGRICULTURAL trading giant Cargill has admitted that there are genetically modified soya beans in the cargo ship boarded by Greenpeace activists on Friday (25 February).

Cargill UK spokeswoman Geraldine OShea said the bulk carrier Iolcos Grace contains 60,000 tonnes of genetically modified and conventional soya beans, but insists this presents no legal problems.

“Its all legal and has already been tested for safety, so were surprised Greenpeace has taken this action,” she told BBC Online.

The ship, which had been heading for Liverpool, had dropped anchor off Point Lynas off the north coast of Anglesey when it was ambushed by Greenpeace protesters.

Five protesters are believed to be on board – two chained to the ships anchor.

The ship is unable to weigh anchor to continue on its journey as this would injure the protestors.

A stalemate has developed after the captain refused requests for a sample of the cargo and locked the holds.

Greenpeace says will not allow the ship to continue on its journey while it is carrying GM crops.

Specialist police teams with inflatable dinghies are on standby at Amlwch.

Meanwhile, Consumers International, the global federation of 250 consumer organisations in 111 countries, has called for all food containing GM materials to be labelled.

The federation says there should be global labelling rules, and if possible an internationally recognised symbol for GM foods.

On Monday (28 February) more than 400 scientists, regulators and consumer groups will gather in Edinburgh for a three-day international conference on GM foods.

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