GMlabelling call

7 June 2002

GMlabelling call

EURO MPs have called for much tougher labelling requirements for food containing genetically modified ingredients.

Commission proposals on the subject had suggested that food could contain up to 1% GM material without it being declared on the packaging if this had got into the product by accident.

But MEPs have decided to drop that clause altogether for unapproved GMs, and to reduce the threshold from 1% to 0.5% in the case of approved GMs. &#42

They also voted in favour of labelling all food products derived from animals that had been raised on feed containing GMs. The commission has always maintained this is unnecessary.

The decisions have been welcomed by anti-GM campaign group Friends of the Earth, which said they were a "vote for common sense".

The committees view still has to be accepted by the full parliament next month, and must also be supported by member states environment ministers if it is to make progress.

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