Goldoni to offer full range after tie-up

12 December 1997

Goldoni to offer full range after tie-up

ITALIAN compact tractor and equipment maker Goldoni is now to sell its full product range in the UK after a tie-up with Colchester-based BSG Supplies.

Eight four-wheel drive tractor models, from 20hp to 72hp, will form the backbone of the line-up.

Of these, it is the Star 75 model which is likely to be of most interest to agriculturists, with vegetable growers, in particular, being targeted by BSG. Powered by a 72hp John Deere diesel, it features a dual mode transmission.

In its shuttle mode, eight forward and reverse ratios are provided, a large dash-mounted lever being used to alter travel direction. But in dual power mode, the same lever is used to operate a gear splitter to provide a 20% increase or reduction in forward speed on each of the eight forward ratios.

Both the reverser and splitter require de-clutching with a change-on-the-move facility having been ruled out on the grounds of cost and complexity.

This combination of essentially two different transmission types in one gearbox is standard on the Star 75, and also on the VM engined 50hp and 63hp Star 3050 and Star 3070.

The Star 75 also incorporates a number of refinements over the two lower powered models, including automatic four-wheel braking and a dual speed PTO. All three Star tractors have options that include a Mauser cab and a front PTO, linkage and hydraulics.

According to BSG, the key attraction of the Goldoni range is the simplicity of the tractors and the fact that they are designed for agricultural rather than amenity use. The models can be specified to cater for a wide range of specialist applications, with options to suit most users. &#42

Goldonis 72hp Star 75 model tops the firms tractor range, now marketed by Colchester-based BSG Supplies.

Goldoni compact tractor range

ModelEngineTransmissionPrice £

BaseLombardini 20hp6+26,200

EuroLombardini 20hp6+27,970

Idea 26Perkins 27hp12+410,769

Idea 30Perkins 30hp12+411,800

Star 3445Lombardini 42hp8+414,300

Star 3050VM 50hp16+8/8+815,645

Star 3070VM 63hp16+8/8+817,460

Star 75John Deere 72hp16+8/8+821,700

For Cabs add from £2667 to £3500.

Goldoni is a privately owned company. Founded in 1926, it employs 400 people and has a group turnover of about £46m. The company designs and builds its tractors completely in house, with the exception of engines. These are purchased from Perkins, Lombardini, VM and John Deere.

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