Government gets tough on leached nitrates

13 May 1998

Government gets tough on leached nitrates

By FWi staff

TOUGH new measures aimed at reducing nitrates leached from farmland into rivers was announced by Government today (Wednesday).

The new measures require farmers in 68 nitrate-vulnerable zones to control the timing and rate of applications of nitrogen fertiliser and manures on their holdings.

Elliot Morley, junior farm minister, said the new regulations – subject to parliamentary approval – would come into force from 19 December this year.

“We must tackle the problem of excess nitrate lost from agriculture. It can affect the quality of our drinking water supplies, and presents a risk to the ecological balance in our rivers and the sea,” he said.

Farmers who are affected by these regulations will be sent a guidance booklet and can arrange for a free ADAS advisory visit through their local MAFF regional service centre.

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