Grain 2001: Fossils replace Actellic?

22 November 2001

Grain 2001: Fossils replace Actellic?


DUST made from fossilised water plants could soon provide an alternative to Actellic (pirimiphos-methyl), according to Dalgety Arable.

The organophosphate insecticide is now banned from being worked into the surface layers of stored grain.

But Dalgetys Peter Corbett hopes to have a commercial offering by the AgriVision event on 5-6 December.

Central Science Laboratory work confirms that the non-poisonous desiccant dust is effective against mites and insects in long-term storage.

The Pesticide Safety Directorate has also indicated that it need not go through the chemicals approval process because its effect is purely physical, notes the CSLs David Armitage.

“There is obviously a massive problem with the withdrawal of the approval of Actellic for surface treatment, says Mr Corbett.

“We hope that we can soon offer a replacement to be used as part of an integrated approach to pest control.

Direct comparison by CSL suggests the new dust could be five to 10 times more expensive than Actellic when used as a surface treatment.

But much depends on the area involved, says Mr Corbett. If you have a very deep bin with a relatively small area, it could be extremely cost-effective.

“Obviously with a shallower flat store its going to be more expensive. But if there is no alternative


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