Grain 2001: know your wares

22 November 2001

Grain 2001: know your wares


KNOW what you have to offer before you try to market grain, and dont allow economic pressure tempt you into short-cuts.

Thats the warning from Graincos Gary Bright who markets for members of the Tyne Grain and Farmway co-ops.

“Farmers often dont take account enough of the effect that things like drilling date can have on quality.

Storing early and late sowings of the same variety together and assuming it will all meet the same quality standards can lead to rejections, he says.

Over-economising and trying to correct insect infestations when outloading have also led to problems, he notes.

In one example, where 500t of grain needing fumigation was still found to be infested on delivery, it transpired that the grower had tried to economise by telling the operators that the store contained only 300t, says Mr Bright.

“Another time, when we needed to know that the grain had been treated, the lorry driver told us the farmer was just shovelling Actellic on during loading.

Final loads, where attempts are made to clear every grain from stores, are also sources of trouble from insects and other contamination, he warns.

“You really dont need to sweep out every nook and cranny.

“There are so many little things that cost the trade and farmers money. But invariably the cost comes back to the farm.


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