Grenada nutmeg producers benefit

01 October 1999

Grenada nutmeg producers benefit

GRENADA nutmeg producers are reaping the benefits of currently being the only major supplier of the spice.

With Indonesia currently locked in political and military instability, world supplies have run short, leaving Grenada in a favourable position.

Indonesia exports averaged around 9000 tonnes a year, while Grenadas averaged around 3000. The problems in Indonesia have enabled Grenada to lift its income from nutmeg exports to $9.2 million (£5.6m), from $5.5m a year earlier.

Problems exist in the Grenadian industry, however.

Poor management led to a bonus paid to farmers being reduced this year because of a failure to meet delivery schedules agreed with commodity traders.

Grenada has also run into difficulties with cleanliness in the processing facilities.