Grow trees, not sheep, hill farmers told

22 January 1999

Grow trees, not sheep, hill farmers told

THE Scottish Landowners Federation (SLF) has told hill farmers to play a part in expanding forestry – by replacing their sheep with trees.

The SLF calls for the creation of a farm woodland scheme targeted at Less Favoured Areas (LFAs) in a discussion paper.

An SLF spokeswoman said livestock production in the hills did not produce good returns, so forestry would be a viable alternative.

The government is currently preparing a paper on forestry which could be used to help the Scottish Parliament with its strategy.

It is generally recognised that any transition to forestry would face the problem of the long wait for a harvest income.

One solution offered is if farmers become involved as contractors in the establishment and maintenance of forests.

  • The Herald 22/01/99 page 25

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