Growers see yield gains

4 August 2000

Growers see yield gains

SIX growers who tested Jockey against their standard seed treatment saw an average 13% yield increase last harvest, says Dalgetys Mike Jeffes.

The growers were asked to drill two or three drill widths with the Jockey seed along the full length of the field in the middle of their normal seed. At harvest they cut and weighed an equal area of each.

"On one farm they did four 100m cuts, or four replicates, going up the field. The average response was 15% over Sibutol, but as they moved up the field onto more droughty soil, the differences got bigger."

This year 62 farms are conducting similar tests in conjunction with Dalgety. &#42

Farm results

Area Soil Wheat Std % resp type crop tmt to yield Jockey

Hungerford Chalk Cont 5.6 15

Dunstable V light Second 5.7 28

Warwick Med- Second 8 11 heavy

Essex Heavy Second 8.5 2

Cambridge Heavy Second 9.6 13

Norfolk Light Third 6.2 14

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