Hands-on advice on poultry front

14 February 1997

Hands-on advice on poultry front

PROLIFIC poultry writer David Bland brings his lifetime of practical experience to the attention of readers of this publication*.

He looks at the evolution of poultry species before providing essential advice on housing, breeding, rearing and day-to-day management of birds.

His advice on diseases facing birds, ranging from the highly infectious Newcastle disease to parasitic worms, is invaluable and he also gives tips for the breeder on how to cope with prolapses.

Information extends to how to market eggs and rear heavy broilers for the table, helped by some well-detailed photographs ably drawn together by technician Dave Green.

The book will help the beginner interested in keeping birds for the first time as well as the poultry-fancier keen to exhibit.


*Practical Poultry Keeping by David Bland, Crowood Press (£14.99 hardback).

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