Hang fire for two weeks…

31 January 1997

Hang fire for two weeks…

Apply fertiliser too early and nutrients are wasted by leaching, go on too late and valuable grazing days are lost. So when will fertiliser for grass be used efficiently? Not for at least two weeks, according to this years T-sum calculations.

T-sum is calculated by the Met Office by adding together all positive mean daily air temperatures from Jan 1 until the sum of 200C is reached. From that day onwards, in that particular locality, fertiliser can be spread on grass with confidence, providing of course that ground conditions allow.

The FARMERS WEEKLY/Kemira forecast shows the expected arrival of T-sum in any 50sq km locality. The map will be updated week-by-week until an accurate picture is obtained for the UK.

This weeks map shows a very late picture with no locations expected to arrive at T-sum 200 during the week and only three in the next fortnight. Normally south-west England and parts of western Scotland would be arriving at T-sum 200 around this time. But today the message to all farmers is hold off fertilising for at least two weeks.

For up-to-date information on your local T-sum, call the FARMERS WEEKLY/Kemira hotline on (0151-3575631).

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