Harsos massive unit can fill up with 25t in a mere 90sec

13 March 1998

Harsos massive unit can fill up with 25t in a mere 90sec

Spreaders are getting

bigger. We take a look a

brief look at two monsters

which have appeared this

year – a six-wheel, trailed

slurry tanker from Danish

manufacturer Harso, and a

high capacity, self-propelled

unit formulated by a

southern counties contractor

IF BIG is beautiful, then the new slurry tanker from Harso must count as one of the more handsome on the market.

The six-wheel machine has a 25t payload, spreads using a 24m (79ft) boom and has a claimed fill-up time of about 90secs. Front and rear axles steer hydraulically, prompted by a slave ram fixed between tractor and thedrawbar.

The manufacturer has also built in two novel weight transfer systems. Two rams on the vertically hinging drawbar can be extended to place more or less weight on the tractor, and rams between the axles and the main frame allow more or less weight to be placed at the front or rear of the machine.

These rams – and the pressure in their oil lines – are also used to assess the weight of the amount of slurry on board. With this information, it is possible for the operator to dial into a cab mounted computer the amount of slurry to be applied a hectare, which then remains the same irrespective of forward speed. The operator also has a constant readout of the volume remaining in the tank.

Price of the Harso tanker, which is clearly aimed at the contractor end of the market, is about £84,000.

A 24m boom features on the Danish six-wheeled slurry tanker.

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