Have your say 13 March -16 April, 1999

04 May 1999

Have your say — 13 March -16 April, 1999


Milk – a 96% fat-free food

THE most important thing to advertise about milk is that whole milk is 96% fat-free. Too many peolpe believe that milk is full of fat and so wont drink it.

Any money spent on advertising needs to be spent wisely.

  • Tim Gibson, Hunters Hill Farms, Bedale, North Yorkshire DL8 1LA
    Email: dj gibson@farmline.com

  • GM soya in dairy product replacers

    IN reply to Paul Newlands comments (below) that GM soya meal is uneconomical to feed because of its high price
    relative to standard soyameal.

    However, there are enough other “mainstream” feed raw materials which are GM-free and competitively priced to make a balanced ration.

    Why not simply omit soyameal completely from the ration?

  • David Norris, Teigngrain, Teighmouth, Devon TQ14 8EV
    Email: teigngrainpm@btconnect.co.uk

  • Show us your best, ask Australians

    THIRTY-FIVE leading Australian agriculturists will be undertaking an international study tour aimed at learning how to develop new industries in agriculture.

    This tour will take place in September 1999 and the tour organiser is interested in any companies, organisations or locations that are considered by others to be excellent new industry development examples.

    Please contact the organiser at skey@sysintellect.com.au

  • Stewart Key, managing director, Systems Intellect, Perth, Western Australia
    Email: skey@sysintellect.com.au

  • Push real milk, MDC

    WHAT a golden opportunity the MDC is missing to highlight fresh milk,
    when all we see is soya milk advertised on TV.

    Imagine images of ridiculous-shaped soya beans alongside a group of children with a fine Friesian cow and a glass of milk each.

  • Alan Critchlow, Hawthorn Farm, Scropton, Derbyshire DE65 5PP
    Email: AlanCritchlow@farming.co.uk

  • GM soya in dairy product replacers

    AS a herd manager looking after 200 high-yielding cows, I cannot economicaly feed them non-GM soya – but the public can rest assured that the milk produced by my cows is of a far better nutritional level than the widely advertised soya-based milks.

    What the so-called health-conscious PR companies fail to tell Joe Public is that these soya milks are also made from GM soya.

  • Paul Newland, Church Farm, Lasham, Hampshire GU34 5SG
    Email: pnewland@lineone.net

  • Do we need milk quota?

    IT often suggested that there is a burden of anything from 2-4p/litre on
    milk producers for leasing or financing quota.

    This, to me, would suggest that, if quota were not there, than we could probably
    stand this amount as a reduction in our price – or is this too general?

  • Kevin Beaty, Hilltop Farm, Ivegill, Cumbria
    Email: kevin.beaty@farmline.com

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