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18 May 1998

Have your say — Question Jack Cunningham


Then make your voice heard by the people who matter. Farmers Weekly and FWi readers have an exclusive opportunity to put their questions about the future of the farming industry and CAP reform to UK farm minister Jack Cunningham.

Simply send us the three questions you would most like Dr Cunningham to answer. We will send the best individual questions to shadow farm minister Michael Jack, who will put them directly to Dr Cunningham during the annual debate on agriculture in Parliament on Thursday, 21 May.

What questions would you most like to ask?

  • Why does Dr Cunningham refuse to seek Brussels compensation to offset the crippling effects of the strong Pound?
  • Will farmers eventually become park-keepers rather than producers?
  • What hope can Dr Cunningham offer ordinary farmers of earning a reasonable living from farming?

Simply use the form below to send us your three questions, or email them to julian.westaway@rbi.co.uk.

We cant guarantee that you will receive a straight answer. But we can promise that if your question is selected, your voice will be heard in Westminster.

Type your
three questions
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Your questions should reach us by 11am on Tuesday, 19 May.

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