Heavier pig prices at stand-on

By Peter Crichton

DEMAND on the spot pig market is improving for lighter weights – but at stand-on for heavies.

The GB AESA was up by just 0.2p to 103.4p and spot quotes in a wide range between 116p for porkers down to 103p for heavies.

Demand for weaners saw the Farmers Weekly 30kg ex farm average quoted at 34.62, and 7kg pigs traded between 21 and 24 per head.

Cull sow prices remain capped by the strength of the Pound with most quotes in the 68p to 72p per kg deadweight range on a delivered basis.

In Europe prices have remained generally firm but at significantly lower levels than in the UK.

Dutch quotes are close to 90p/kg for heavies and the Danish price has moved up to 82p/kg.

Spain is still out of step at 60p/kg and is well placed to undercut the rest of the Community.

Concern is also being expressed over the continuing use of meat and bonemeal in many EU countries and there have been calls for an EU-wide ban along the lines of the restrictions placed on the UK industry.

The NPA claims that the use of MBM gives our competitors an unfair edge and may also pose a long-term health hazard.

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