Heavy weather set to delay harvest

By FWi staff

Wednesday, 15 July, 1998

HEAVY rain and bad weather over the next few days is set to reduce crop yields and delay this years harvest.

The wet and windy weather, caused by an Atlantic depression, is likely to push back the oilseed rape harvest. Until this weekend, the combine harvesters were ready to roll in about a weeks time.

Wheat and barley crops, which had already suffered a very wet June, are now crying out for sunshine. With grain fill far from over, dry weather is needed.

But temperatures in southern England are unlikely to climb above 19C in southern England, forecasters have warned.

Lodging is widespread across the country, with East Anglia worst affected, according to ADAS. Many barley crops are lying in the fields but wheat is less affected.

After heavy this weekend, further showers are likely in the north and west of the country, especially in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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