7 February 1997


A group of students from the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, set out from John OGroats today (Feb 7) on Le-Jog II, a 900- mile run from the tip of Scotland to Lands End in aid of charity and a college sports tour.

Leading sportsmen and women have pledged their support and will be turning out to join the students at various stages as half of the £25,000 they hope to raise through donations* and sponsorship will go to help the Talland group of Riding for the Disabled based at Siddington.

The route mapped out for Le-Jog II passes through Inverness, Edinburgh, Penrith, Lancaster, Birmingham, Bath and Exeter. Equestrian celebrities include Willie Carson, William Fox-Pitt and Mark Todd who will join them as they pass through Cirencester on Feb 11, when the college rag week will be underway.

The Le-Jog II team is expected to reach Lands End on Feb 13 at the end of a relay in which 12 students, running in groups of four, will cover two six mile stretches each 24 hours. They will be supported throughout by a back up team of 15 of their fellows.

*Anyone wishing to make a donation should send cheques, payable to Le Jog II, to Adrian Ivory, Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, Glos.

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