Heres rinse-and-wash with chemical in tank

21 March 1997

Heres rinse-and-wash with chemical in tank

ALLMAN Unibilt tractor mounted and trailed sprayers are now equipped with a multi-function sprayer wash-down system.

Designated the Rinso-Matic, the system is designed to provide three rinse and washing routines: A clean water wash of the chemical induction hopper, a high pressure wash of the tank interior and a flush and rinse of the sprayers filter.

Rinso-Matic, says Allman, provides a means to rinse controls and filters in isolation from the tank if spraying is interrupted by a change in the weather and mixed chemical is retained in the tank. Price of the unit starts at £267.

Meanwhile, Team Sprayers reports it has now completed a review of its larger mounted and trailed sprayers – with the result that water suction is now fitted as standard and prices of mounted models reduced.

The Custom de Luxe mounted range of sprayers is now available with a 1000litre tank and booms from 12m to 21m, and Leader trailed models are offered with tanks up to 2000litre capacity and booms to 21m.n

An ability to rinse filters and control systems while chemical is retained in the tank, is now a feature of Allman sprayers fitted with the new Rinso-Matic system.

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