Hetty the giant hen confronts EU ministers

11 May 1998

Hetty the giant hen confronts EU ministers

By FWi staff

EUROPEAN Union farm ministers meeting in Newcastle-upon-Tyne this week will face renewed pressure from Compassion In World Farming to ban battery cages for hens.

While agriculture minister Dr Jack Cunningham tries to convince EU farm ministers of the need to lift the global export ban on British beef, the outspoken animal welfare group will confront the ministers with “Hetty” the giant ex-battery hen. Debeaked and featherless, the two-metre-tall hen will call for the release of battery-caged hens.

CIWF said the demonstration – outside the Gosforth Park Hotel, Newcastle, at 10.30am tomorrow (Tuesday) – was planned after the recently published EC directive on battery cages failed to outlaw their use.

Instead, the EC called for the size of cages per hen to be doubled. But CIWF maintains that this would still prevent hens from carrying out most normal activities such as flapping wings and laying eggs in a nest.

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