HGCA: German intervention barley tendered

Tuesday, 23 January, 2001

  • THE EU agreed to open a tender to sell 0.25m tonnes of German intervention barley, in a move mirroring its recent intervention wheat sales.

    On third-country markets, rising EU barley prices in dollars, currently at US$123/t compared with $112/t mid-November, are reported to be encouraging traditional
    North African buyers to look to non-EU origins.

    Domestic barley prices are little changed, meaning the recent strength of the Euro has pushed dollar prices up.

  • Free-market imports for Poland?
    POLAND may allow 0.5m tonnes of cereal imports in the first quarter of 2001 to cool high domestic prices, and a further 0.25m tonnes of wheat to top up reserves.

    Following a fall of 13% in cereal production, the government imported close to 1m tonnes of duty-free grain in 2000.

  • MATIF old-crop futures slip

    MATIF old-crop wheat futures slipped around Euro0.50 last week, with January falling to Euro117/t.

    Meanwhile, ONIC announced that it was looking to provide dollar quotes for French wheat prices in future to help simplify French wheat pricing for foreign buyers.

  • Positive wheat refund awarded

    MANCOM granted 343,000 tonnes of wheat at a maximum refund of Euro7.50/t while continuing zero refund awards for barley. Standing wheat flour refunds were adjusted and import duties revised on 16 January.

  • Euro1 = 63.90p or 92.90US¢ on 22 January

    Taken from HGCA weekly MI Bulletin
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