HGCA to review Recommended List

By FWi staff

THE Home-Grown Cereals Authority has commissioned an independent review to assess if the UK Recommended List system for cereals meets the needs of the industry that funds it.

Professor Graham Jellis, HGCAs research director said the HGCA spends about £1 million of levy-payers funds on independent variety evaluation. “So it is vital we ensure the money is spent wisely.”

Professor Roger Plumb, former director of IACR-Rothamsted, was asked to consider all aspects of the current procedure and to ascertain if the data produced is satisfying industry needs.

As well as making specific enquiries, Professor Plumb will be seeking contributions from anyone involved with breeding, growing or marketing cereals.

“I want to know what people really think about the current system – both its good and bad points.

“Also I am sure there are good ideas on how the system can be developed to meet changing needs from growers and in the market place,” he said.

Professor Plumb believes the review is a major opportunity to influence the future of independent cereal variety evaluation in the UK.

  • Anyone wishing to contribute to the survey should write to Professor Roger Plumb at IACR-Rothamsted, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 2JQ; fax: 01582 760981; e-mail: roger.plumb@bbsrc.ac.uk

  • The HGCA has assured us that all contributions will be treated in confidence, unless contributors indicate otherwise

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