High hopes for a new cleaver killer

19 June 1998

A NEW herbicide molecule combined in a mixture with a tried-and-tested ingredient to give broad-spectrum weed control in oilseed rape was launched at Cereals 98.

The new component of BASFs Katamaran is quinmerac which has a high level of activity against cleavers and poppies. Its partner is metazachlor – the active ingredient of Butisan S – which controls a wide range of broad-leaved and grass weeds.

The new two-pronged rape herbicide should be welcomed by growers who are now facing an increasing threat from cleavers, says BASF. A recent independent survey of 200 growers found that one-in-three suffered from the competitive weed and one-in-two had them in crops last harvest.

High hopes for a new cleaver killer

BASFs new cleaver killer will be a boon to rape growers, reckons product manager Andrej Brejc.

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