High milk sires added to line-up

19 January 2001

High milk sires added to line-up

HIGH production and type bulls have been added to the Supersires dairy line-up.

Additions include Pendant, a high type, fat-improving sire with a fat percentage of +0.01%. He offers 602kg milk, 23.8kg fat and 15.9kg protein (-0.05%), resulting in a PIN of £42. His all-round type gives rise to a type merit of +2.51 and a PLI of £47, says the company.

Another bull is high milk sire, Jointif Besne, who offers sound type and 962kg milk, 15.5kg fat (-0.29%), 22.7kg protein (-0.11%), with a PIN of £47 and PLI of £53. Semen from Pendant costs £18/dose, and £17/dose from Jointif Besne. (01803-862444, fax 01803-862955)

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