Hose sorry now no longer a refrain

30 March 2001


Belting good guide to conveyor types

LANCS-based Flexco now offers a brochure which gives guidance and advice for improving and maintaining conveyor belt systems.

Entitled Splicing and Conveyor Solutions, the brochure reviews mechanical fasteners, including hinged and solid plate versions.

It also includes a chart of 12 fastener types which are cross-referenced with maximum operating tensions, belt thicknesses and minimum pulley diameters.

Splicing and Conveyor Solutions provides an overview of four specialist tools for removing belts with counter-sink splices.

An illustrated index of Flexco conveyor products including belt cleaners, belt trainers, pulley lagging, together with attachable cleats is also included. The brochure is available free of charge. (01282-770040)

How to stay clean under pressure

IF you are fed up with being covered in mud and debris when using a pressure washer Andy Products may have the answer. The company is now marketing the AndyShield which is designed to contain and control the pressure jet and help ensure a safer and cleaner operation.

Comprising a plastic shroud, which, says the manufacturer, can be attached lance end of most jet washers, price of the AndyShield is £15 (01256 704969).

Sucking up muck in a very big way

A NEW range of Big Brute industrial vacuum cleaners has been announced by Saffron Walden-based Michael Williams Engineering, which is claimed to provide a greater ease of emptying heavy loads.

Called the Easy Empty lift out bucket, the unit is designed to handle loads of up to 500kg. Heavy loads require a crane or forklift to empty, lighter loads can be emptied by hand.

The Big Brute range can handle dry dusts, solids, oils, water, sludge and swarf, says the manufacturer and a liquid/solid separator is also available.

Price of the new model starts at about £1700, depending on specification (01799-524642).

Hose sorry now no longer a refrain

WANT to avoid the expense and downtime of having hydraulic hoses repaired professionally?

Spaldings has introduced a crimping kit which is designed to repair BSP, JIC and ORF threads in 0.25in to 0.75in sizes and metric equivalents.

The Hosecomatic kit includes a crimper, vernier callipers, a fitting vice, hacksaw, spanner and crimping oil – together with 20 assorted fittings.

The Hosecomatic kit is also available with extra fittings which can be purchased in packs of three. Price of the kit is £210 (01522-500600).

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