How do you avoid ridges when discing?

6 August 2001

How do you avoid ridges when discing?

When discing stubble we seem to get a ridging effect left behind the press. How do we avoid this?

With off-set discs ridges can appear if you drive too close to, or over the last bout. Another common problem is NOT having the front leading disc working in fresh ground all of the time, so you will need to work in lands so this can happen. You will get a ridge where the land finishes but that you can do nothing about.

If your discs are X form type then possibly you could look to reduce the angle of working so they dont throw too much soil that cant be recovered by the back set.

If your ridge is in the middle then take some angle off of the back set until the ridge disappears.

I hope I have answered your question if not please send it again with more information on the type of discs you have and a more detailed description of the problem.

From:Steve Townsend

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