How do you improve straw incorporation?

1 August 2001

How do you improve straw incorporation?

I do not feel we are mixing the straw in well enough with our present lo-till system – one or two passes with a vibroflex then one pass with a set of Simba discs pulling single press and roller. How do we cut down the number of passes but make a better job?

Also, Id appreciate any advice as to what to look for at the Lo-till event at Faringdon on September 7th.

Sounds like you could do with more tines. In my own trials and experience tine cultivators give the best results for spreading and the incorporation of straw/trash so long as the land is suitable to take a tined machine and your question indicates your land seems to be able to do that.

The two machines to look at would be the John Deere mulch finisher and Horsch FG cultvator. For more on the lo-till event, click here.

Two passes should be enough, if your drill cant handle the conditions behind these cultivators then you need to modify i.e. beef up or change your drill so it can! Your current system sounds like a bit of over kill and probably a bit of still cultivating for your drill.

From:Steve Townsend

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