How to stop the rot in crimped grains

12 May 2000

How to stop the rot in crimped grains

REDUCE spoilage in crimped grains using a new inoculant, Biocrimp, says Biotal.

The inoculant is said to be the first to be developed for crimped grains. It contains lactobacillus bucheneri which prevents yeast and mould spoilage and gives long term aerobic stability when the clamp is opened, adds Biotal.

It is supplied as a powder, in flasks containing sufficient to treat 25t when mixed with cold, clean tap water and applied at a rate of four litres/t.

For best results, grain should have a moisture content of 35-45% and be crimped and ensiled within 24 hours of combining, advises the company.

Biocrimp costs £5.99/t treated (029-20766716, fax 029-20766945).

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