Human Rights Act – another threat?

9 October 2000

Human Rights Act – another threat?

AS well as having extremely low prices for cereals, where the only prospect is a loss, we now have the new Human Rights Act, which came into force today, and which could cause problems to farmers who have diversified.

We have gone into poodle production as a diversification and use some of our set-aside fields for running them on, after the 1 September of course, as you can graze your set-aside after that date.

We were lucky enough to find a niche market in Soho for our product and I deliver every night.

Unfortunately my poodles have some homosexual tendencies and I am worried that if they try and perform on a rambler who is exercising his right to roam across my field, I may fall foul of the new act.

Any suggestions?

Patrick Hughes, Little Sampford, Essex

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