Hunting Prince playing party politics

1 November 1999

Hunting Prince ‘ playing party politics ’

THE decision by the Prince of Wales to take his sons hunting over the weekend has provoked allegations that he was straying into the political arena, reports The Times.

Michael Foster, the Worcester MP, whose bill to ban foxhunting failed through lack of parliamentary time, said the action formed a pattern of behaviour which appeared to put him into conflict with parliament.

Foster was referring to the Princes recent ventures into the political limelight which have put him at odds with government policy.

These include the shunning of the Chinese prime ministers state banquet because of concerns about human rights as well as his outspoken views on genetically modified crops.

Foster said the Prince would be more in tune with British public opinion and MPs if he went drag-hunting.

Pictures of the Prince and Prince William riding with the Beaufort Hunt across the Gloucestershire countryside dominated many front pages yesterday.

Prince Harry followed the hunt riding pillion on a motorbike.

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