Hybrid 4WD is out

8 October 1999

Hybrid 4WD is out

A LOW cost four-wheeled load carrier capable of negotiating 1 in 1 gradients has been developed by the Carlisle-based Goblin Vehicles .

The Goblin load carrier combines a reconditioned 1.1-litre Austin A Series petrol engine with a 4f/1r speed mechanical transmission and two Land Rover axles.

The use of four driving wheels rather than of six has not affected traction says Goblin. A locked centre and lockable front and rear differentials will enable the vehicle to keep going in most difficult situations.

Further traction and low ground pressure are given by the vehicles 31x15x15.5 tyres – designed to carry a 500kg or eight people platform load.

Designed for heavy-duty work, the load carrier incorporates a hot dip galvanised rigid space frame which has an expected life span of over 20 years.

Available with optional 1.1 and 1.3 litre A series engines, the vehicle is priced from £12,000. &#42

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