Hydraulics take shock out of tractor loaders

5 December 1997

Hydraulics take shock out of tractor loaders

REDUCING shock loadings on tractor-mounted loaders must be near the top of many a loader manufacturers list.

With this in mind, Swedish maker Quicke has developed Soft Drive – a hydraulic accumulator system designed to absorb shocks from the loader during operation.

Plumbed into the double-acting lift rams on Quicke 400 and 600 series loaders, Soft Drive is said to reduce stress on the loader by absorbing shocks through the main hydraulic cylinders.

Changes to the range include new 400 and 600 series tractor mounted loaders.

Offering 1.5t lift capacity to 4.04m (13.2ft), the Q465 is the largest of the non-parallel lift 400 series and has been developed to fit tractors from 90-130hp.

Replacing the Q670 and Q690 are the Q675 and Q695 models. Both parallel in action, the models offer lift capacities of 2t to 4.04m (13.2ft) and 2.4t to 4.25m (14ft), being suitable for use with tractors from 80-150hp.

Soft-drive option on Quicke tractor loaders is said to take away shock loadings and reduce stress on the loader.

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